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Second Life

The deconstruction and reuse of building materials is one of the most effective and achievable ways to reduce construction carbon footprints. Choosing flooring with the potential for reuse gives them a Second Life.

Construction waste accounts for 20% of landfill disposal. Floor finishes are replaced frequently over the life of a building and over 90% of these end up in landfill.

Permanently bonded floor finishes are practically impossible to reuse. Alternative installation technologies offer a more flexible solution.


A fairground goldfish has a longer lifespan than the average commercial floor

Flooring with a Second Life

Modern flooring materials are developed with reuse in mind.

They allow for easy removal and redeployment at the end of their initial application.

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Making Construction circular

Building a circular economy in the construction industry requires a change in approach. Finishes, like flooring, should be easily separated and 100% of these should be reusable.
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Go Circular

Make the move to being part of the circular economy by downloading the Go PVC Free Guide.

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