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It's lino with added sustainability and simplicity

LINO CORK is a ground-breaking combination of two of the most sustainable flooring materials and there is no compromise in performance, making it a great sustainable alternative for commercial projects. And, its modular construction gives it advantages over traditional roll Lino.

  • Fast track installation without adhesive (up to 150m2 without expansion joints)

  • Can be reused after initial installation (Second Life)

  • Water-resistant (for up to 120 hours)


Durability: Wear Class 32 : Suitable for general commercial applications

Slip Resistance: R10

Fire Safety: Cfl-s1 : Limited contribution to fire

Acoustic Performance: 16 dB reduction in transmitted sound

Installation Method: Glue-free floating floor (with Click profile)

Format: Tile

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Lino Cork
Download PDF • 189KB

FS Datasheet Lino Cork
Download PDF • 77KB


Cork is the ultimate in sustainable materials. It absorbs 73 times its own weight in carbon as it grows so any materials made from cork are inherently carbon negative. And, LINO CORK can be deconstructed and reused multiple times, thereby extending its working life.

Eco Accreditations: Blue Angel, Greenguard, contributor to LEED and BREEAM

End of Life: Deconstructable & reusable (Second Life) | Biodegradable


First Planit

LINO CORK has been independently assessed by First Planit, the UK's leading library of sustainable building materials. This gives a score for the Environmental, Social, Health & Monetary impacts of the product benchmarked against popular industry equivalents:

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