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3 times tougher, 90% more sustainable

HARDENED WOOD is a new generation of wood flooring which is 3 times tougher than traditional wood whilst using 90% less timber in its construction. This is only possible through an innovative curing process that enhances the natural durability and stability of the raw timber.

  • Suitable for very heavy traffic commercial applications

  • Sourced from European FSC certified forests

  • Fast-track installation using click system

  • Available in waterproof construction

  • Can be applied as a floor or wall finish


Durability: Wear Class 33 : Suitable for heavy duty commercial applications (EC3)

Slip Resistance: Pendulum Test Value (PVT): 36+

Fire Safety: Bfl-s1 : Very limited contribution to fire

Installation Method: 5G Click

Format: Plank XL & XXL (2.38 m long)

Country of Origin: Sweden

Bjelin Hardened Wood
Download PDF • 434KB

FS Datasheet Bjelin Hardened Wood
Download PDF • 117KB


The use of wood in construction has positive environmental benefits including its natural ability to absorb carbon as it grows but mature timber, suitable for use in flooring, is becoming a scarce resource. HARDENED WOOD addresses this issue and delivers a durable, natural alternative to vinyl wood flooring.

Carbon Footprint (Global Warming Potential): -4.35 CO2 KG / M2 (Cradle to Grave)

Eco Accreditations: EPD verified, FSC, contributes to LEED & BREEAM

End of Life: Can be deconstructed and reused (Second Life)

EPD Bjelin Hardened Wood
Download PDF • 512KB

First Planit

HARDENED WOOD has been independently assessed by First Planit, the UK's leading library of sustainable building materials. This gives a score for the Environmental, Social, Health & Monetary impacts of the product benchmarked against popular industry equivalents:

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