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Go PVC Free

PVC is widely used in flooring but is the most damaging of all plastics and eliminating it from buildings in the UK will have an immediate beneficial environmental impact.

“PVC is the normal abuse of science that we have seen with tobacco, asbestos, and pesticides. I don’t know one innovative company that is not eliminating PVC.
Not one.”

Michael Braungart
Founder, Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute

PVC is the most damaging of all plastics

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Around 40% of UK commercial flooring is PVC-based. This includes safety floors, sheet vinyl and luxury vinyl tiles. Sustainable alternatives with a much lighter environmental impact exist for all PVC flooring types.

Sustainable Alternatives to PVC

There is a new generation of sustainable flooring materials that deliver non-PVC, low-carbon solutions for the busiest of commercial spaces without any compromise in design or performance. 

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Making flooring cleaner & greener

A transition from PVC flooring to sustainable alternatives would reduce the UK carbon impact by 500,000+ tonnes of CO2
emissions per year.
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Go PVC Free

Make the transition to sustainable flooring specification by downloading the Go PVC Free Guide.

Click here to download the Guide

Educate your team about the transition to sustainable flooring through a CPD presentation.
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