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Recycled Flooring

Incorporating recycled content in construction materials delivers a direct carbon reduction. In response, flooring innovators are developing processes to upcycle by-products from other industries.

“By applying the principles of the circular economy to the way we design buildings, we could reduce global CO2 emissions from building materials by 38% in 2050.”

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation


The flooring industry focuses primarily on theoretical end-of-life recyclability potential. The  environmental benefits of this cannot be measured.

In contrast, introducing recycled content in the manufacturing process is measurable and reduces product carbon footprints in a tangible way.

Recycled Flooring Options

Content is sourced from post-consumer recycling programmes or as by-products of 3rd party industrial processes. This forms the basis for a unique portfolio of sustainable flooring materials for commercial projects

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Contributing to the Circular Economy

Specifying flooring materials with measurable recycled content reduces the consumption of resources with a consequent beneficial effect on carbon footprints.
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Go Recycled

Learn more about specifying recycled flooring by downloading the Go Recycled Guide.

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