Two become One

Everyone knows that wood and cork are the most sustainable flooring materials of all but why put them together? What we found is the combination of the two gives the look and feel of a wood floor with all the environmental, wellbeing and performance advantages of cork. It’s a win-win scenario.


Wood Cork is a great example of a product innovation that takes a well-loved favourite and gives it a new twist. And, it’s one of a new generation of flooring products that have been developed in response to the drive for Zero Carbon interior materials.




Cork is a remarkable material. Every 9 years, the bark is removed from cork oak trees in the forests of Southern Europe. Every tonne of bark can absorb 73 times its own weight in CO2 so it’s a natural carbon sponge. And, the cyclical harvesting only increases the rate of carbon absorption.

Great to live with

The benefits of cork extend beyond its carbon negativity. Its unique cellular structure gives natural cushioning so it’s comfortable to walk on and has good insulation so it retains warmth and is quiet with 15 dB of sound absorption. And, indoor air quality is regulated too.


And the good things don’t end there. The clever make-up of Wood Cork uses 70% less timber than traditional engineered wood flooring - critical at a time when mature trees are becoming scarcer and more expensive - and the glue-free, modular structure makes it easy to fit and to re-use after its initial installation, giving it a potential Second Life.

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Wood Cork is part of the family of cork hybrids which combine cork with other natural materials to create clever new products. These include cork + lino, cork + ceramic, cork + stone and cork + rubber. There’s a world of design possibilities.

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Viable Alternative

There’s been a steady decline in the use of wood flooring in commercial projects resulting in a growth in plastic copies like luxury vinyl. Environmental concerns are driving a search for viable alternatives that tick the boxes.


Wood Cork is very durable. It’s engineered for use in high-traffic locations (Class 33 | AC5) so can go in places where traditional wood floors can’t. 

It has good safety performance for slip (R10) & fire (C rated).

And, is quick to install with limited floor preparation


Wood Cork is widely used in hotels, restaurants, shops, workplaces and public buildings throughout Europe so it’s tried and tested and ready to take its place as the natural alternative to plastic replicas.

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