Since 1989, LICO has been developing from a modest production company, into a highly modern, successful, innovative and global market player.
LICO is now one of the leading companies within the flooring system industry, about a high quality, great flexibility, continuous innovation, and trustful reliability.


Vintex Fix is an unique, elastic finished floor with a textile vowen structure for the private as well as the commercial area. The extremely durable floor covering has been used for full surface bonding for years and has now found entrance to the finished flooring sector. The decorative structure has been designed that single floorboards are hardly visible, to achieve this the vinyl fabric has been woven and welded. This creates the visual impression of a continuous surface

Vintex Structure.jpg

  1. Hardwearing PU Protection

  2. Woven and welding vinyl

  3. Elastic backing

  4. Waterproof hydro core board

  5. Waterproof sound underlay

Vintex Tech.JPG
Vintex Standards.JPG

Technical Specification