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Opposites attract

We’re fans of hybrid materials that merge two flooring types to create something new and we knew when we saw STORK for the first time that it was a true original. It’s an innovative, patented composite of stone and cork which delivers on all levels from design, to performance and sustainability. 


STORK overcomes the inherent challenges of natural stone and adds the unsurpassed benefits of cork. The result has to be seen and experienced to be believed. Unique is a much overused word. Very few that make the claim can actually back it up but STORK definitely walks the walk

STORK is a patented technology, developed through an extensive programme of research and development. Over 3 years of comprehensive studies, numerous technical formulations, thousands of tests and hundreds of trials and prototypes, this highly innovative product became a company, attracted investors and started industrial production of the world’s only Cork Stone Composite. 

More than skin deep

Let your imagination run wild. There are no limitations on the stone that can be given the STORK treatment. On the surface, it’s a beautiful natural material but underneath there, things couldn’t be more different:

  • 50% lighter so it’s easier to handle and install - even in places where stone can’t normally go

  • 30% better thermal efficiency resulting in noticeable improvements in heat retention

  • 3 times more impact resistant so less prone to cracking and chipping

  • 20% quieter through reduction transmitted sound

  • 3 fold reduction in the effects of thermal fatigue

  • It bends up to 3 x its total thickness

  • And, best of all, up to 40% reduction in cost


Cork is arguably the most sustainable of construction materials. The cork forests in Southern Europe absorb up to 15 tonnes of CO2 per hectare per year. This is permanently retained so when cork is used as a construction product, the carbon impact of the building is reduced and the world is a little bit better place. 

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Reaching new heights

Forget the established rules, STORK reinvents the use of natural stone materials in interior design applications. 

  • Lightweight and flexible, STORK can be fitted on all types of flooring substrate including existing tiles and wooden, on upper floors and raised access systems

  • It’s a great choice for lightweight internal walls, ceilings and doors for new builds and renovations

  • With a Group 1 fire rating, STORK is suitable for external ventilated facades.

  • And, it’s even been used in furniture and work surfaces


We know that STORK has a great future and we’re really happy to play our part in bringing about the STORK revolution.



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