Genuine Innovation

Most flooring companies spend a small fortune trying to convince you that their products are unique to them but, in truth, almost all are re-packaged versions of what exists elsewhere or what has gone before. 


We look for the alternatives, for the products that are inherently better and we get excited when we come across a genuine innovation, like Corktex. This takes a well-established flooring category - woven vinyl - and flips it on its head. 


It might look a bit like other woven products but that’s where the similarities end. Corktex has 85% recycled content and it’s PVC-free. So, it’s a sustainable island in a sea of woven vinyl

The unique construction of Corktex not only excels in sustainability. It also delivers great sound absorption (up to 24dB reduction in transmitted sound), it’s hard-wearing (Class 33), has good insulation and slip resistance and is lighter in weight than traditional woven vinyl.




Uniquely Sustainable

The exceptionally high proportion of recycled content is possible through the innovative recycled backing layer. This takes by-products from other industries - used vehicle tyres and waste cork from wine production - and reprocesses them into a new agglomerate which delivers the Corktex environmental and performance benefits.  


The top layer is made from polyester fibre which delivers flexibility of design and colour and is also hard-wearing, easy to clean, antibacterial and antifungal. It’s perfectly suited to the demands of a busy commercial environment.


Corktex achieves a number of environmental accreditations including Greenguard and Ecotec certification.

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Corktex comes in sheet form, large tiles (3m x 1.2m) and square tiles (600mm x 600mm), ideally suited to raised access floor panels. It can be used as flooring and can be applied to walls, skirtings, panels, ceilings and furniture. It’s been used around the world in workplace, education, healthcare and public spaces.


Five generations of expertise

The Corktex innovation is derived from five generations of expertise in fabrics development. In came out of a vision to create a better kind of material which met the growing need for sustainable interiors for commercial spaces.


The unique characteristics of Corktex have been recognised in international design awards including the prestigious RedDot Awards best of the best.


It has been six years in development - refining the recycling and production process - and is available in the UK for the first time.


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