STORK stands for stone and cork and combines different, but highly appreciated, intrinsic characteristics from both natural materials.
The solution is designed in layers and, depending on the application, it uses the latest composite modelling strategies and production methods to become a nature blend of two highly valuable materials

As a pioneer, Bauwerk underscores healthy living with systematic checks by independent third parties, such as the eco-institute the Sentinel-Haus Institute, and certificates and standards, such as the FSC label and the demanding 'Cradle to Cradle™' certificate. This means that the products are natural and manufactured in an eco-friendly way and that they can be recycled once their service life is over.

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Where Tech meets Nature

This Portuguese innovation is simply astonishing. Stork is a product that leads the materials world, as seen with its recent 'Product of the Year' Shortlist in Mix Magazine. 

Sustainable. Cost Effective. Design Leading. A truly remarkable product innovation. 

Cork - Natures Gift

Cork is a favourite of ours due to its unbelievable sustainability benefits. This is why Stork is, for us, game-changing. You lose none of the design or other benefits that stone brings whilst gaining a huge array of sustainability benefits through the use of cork.  Storks innovaton is literally saving the world. 

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An Increased Array of Benefits

Floorsauce was built to solve problems, whatever they may be. That's why Stork is one of our favourites. It offers many problem-solving benefits including a 50% weight reduction, a 30% increase in thermal efficiency, a 10% reduction in noise transmission and has 100% elastic recovery. All these could be key to your project. 

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