It takes lots of Bottle

Over 1 million PET bottles are sold globally every minute and many of these end up as litter or in landfill where they remain for decades. It’s a big problem which is getting worse every year. In response, there is a growing band of responsible operators that are reprocessing this waste stream into new materials.


This reprocessed content is the foundation for the creation of Recycled PET Carpet. Made in Denmark, the greenest country in the world, it’s an innovative response to need to reduce our dependence on high-carbon carpet components like nylon fibres and PVC or bitumen backings, as a part of the drive to Zero Carbon interiors.




Nylon is an oil-based plastic fibre. Its production is highly energy intensive so it has a very high carbon footprint and by-products include nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas 300 times more potent than CO2. It’s non-biodegradable and is one of the biggest sources of microplastic ocean pollution.

Clean Tech

Recycled PET fibres are used to create the carpet top layer. This reduces its carbon footprint without a compromise in design or performance. But it’s the unique felt backing that is really ground-breaking:

85% recycled content

Lighter in weight than traditional tiles

Free of PVC, bitumen and other harmful substances

Great on acoustics with 20 dB of sound absorption

Hypoallergenic with ultra low VOC emissions (tested and certified)


The result is a carpet tile which is better to live with and with a much lower carbon footprint than the traditional nylon and bitumen tiles that are still widely used in UK commercial projects


Reclaimed PET Carpet achieves the high standards of product performance - suitable for the busiest of commercial spaces - and fire safety (B rated). It’s widely used in European projects in workplace, education, healthcare and public interiors and it’s ready to take its place in the UK market.


Design Led

Winner of multiple European awards for product design, innovation and sustainability, Reclaimed PET is a ground-breaking carpet concept that stands out through its clarity and simplicity. The muted colour palette in linear patterns is set against the clean, flat woven structure. It can be laid in monochrome broadloom style or with subtle tonal contrast.


The purity of the design is matched by cleanliness of its construction and at a time when there’s a growing need for replacements for the high-carbon fibres and backings widely used in commercial carpets, it could be a great alternative to the ‘usual suspects’ of the carpet world.

german design award.jpg


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