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Back to Nature

If ever there was a flooring material that deserved to be re-evaluated, it is cork. 50 years ago cork floors were the norm in many homes and businesses in the UK but they gradually fell out of fashion in favour of plastics like vinyl, PVC and synthetic rubber. 


Today, as the negative environmental impacts of oil-based plastics are becoming better understood, there’s a drive for more sustainable and lower carbon alternatives. And, there’s no material that fits the brief more perfectly than cork. As a result, there’s a new generation of floors that blend the natural benefits of cork with cutting-edge innovation.




Cork is a remarkable material. Every 9 years, the bark is removed from cork oak trees in the forests of Southern Europe. Every tonne of bark can absorb 73 times its own weight in CO2 so it’s a natural carbon sponge. And, the cyclical harvesting only increases the rate of carbon absorption.

Floor Layers

Pure Cork is one of these innovative hybrids. Layers of engineered cork, each with its own function, are brought together to create a novel structure that is ideally suited to commercial projects.
It’s very hard-wearing even in high-traffic locations.
It’s fire safe to commercial standards.
It delivers 18 dB of sound absorption.
It’s water-resistant for up to 120 hours.
Glue-free, fast-track installation system is fast and easy with limited subfloor preparation. 

These benefits are derived from the amazing cellular structure of cork (with around 40 million cells per cubic centimetre). This provides natural cushioning and resilience plus insulation from heat and sound. 


Pure Cork is part of the family of cork hybrids which combine cork with other natural materials to create smart new products. These include cork + wood, cork + lino, cork + ceramic, cork + stone and cork + rubber. There’s a world of design possibilities.

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Living Well

Sustainable, durable and practical. Cork ticks all of the boxes but, in fact, the most significant benefit of cork is how it makes people feel. Those that interact with the material - workers, visitors, residents, patients or pupils - appreciate its natural, biophilic beauty and, because there are over 200 variations of colour and pattern, there’s no shortage of design flexibility.


And, it makes for a good atmosphere too. Cork has zero emissions, unlike many synthetic floors and carpets, delivering the optimum indoor air quality and it’s quiet and comfortable underfoot.


If we’re approaching the end of the Age of Plastics, maybe it’s time for us to fall back in love with Cork

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