Wood is one of the longest established and most familiar flooring materials. Traditional parquets and inlays originated more than three centuries ago. But in recent years, advances in technology in processing and coloration have enabled innovative wood producers to push the boundaries of size, shape and finish.


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We are committed to finding viable alternatives to pvc. Some of these are natural materials, like cork or wood. Others are made from innovative polymers derived from organic, renewable sources like vegetable oils and minerals delivering all of the advantages of resilient flooring without the crude oil.

We are big fans of cork and strongly advocate its use in flooring. It would be hard to imagine a material with better environmental credentials and the inherent characteristics of cork mean that it’s sound-absorbing, warm underfoot and comfortable to live with. There’s a new generation of flooring materials that deliver the benefits of cork with great-looking designs.



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We are always scouring the world for new and exciting materials that defy category. 

Therefore a product won't always fit the normal catergories that the flooring industry segments us into. We are looking for innovation that defies logic and solves issues. 

If you have any questions or would like a product that you dont see if even think exists let us know. We will find it. 

The use of vinyl (pvc) flooring in sheet and tile form has grown steadily and now accounts for over half of the UK contract flooring market. Much of this growth has come from LVT (luxury vinyl tile), produced in Asia, most of which is 1st generation LVT in simple, glue-down construction. As the market has evolved other variants have been developed offering advantages in cost and performance.

Carpet is possibly the most traditional floor covering that springs to mind. 

At floorsauce we are once again looking to flip the narrative by sourcing some fantastically innovative all natural carpets from across europe, as well as some of the most innovative hybrid carpets that are science led to provide a unfathomable level of durability.