A quiet Revolution

Some say that products are a reflection of the place in which they’re made. If this is the case, Print Cork must be innovative, well-designed and climate-neutral because that describes the Print Cork production facility, deep in the heart of the Swiss Alps.


Print Cork incorporates all of the natural characteristics of cork and reinterprets them in a novel way through the appliance of science. Traditionally, cork floors were tiles in varying shades of brown that were glued to the floor but Print Cork is leading a quiet revolution in the look and functionality of the cork flooring category.




Cork is a remarkable material. Every 9 years, the bark is removed from cork oak trees in the forests of Southern Europe. Every tonne of bark can absorb 73 times its own weight in CO2 so it’s a natural carbon sponge. And, the cyclical harvesting only increases the rate of carbon absorption.

Second Life

The ‘secret sauce’ in the creation of Print Cork is world-leading digital printing technology. This not only enables the development of a range of high fidelity wood and stone designs, virtually without a pattern repeat, but also facilitates the creation of any custom design. The only limit is your imagination.


This technology also allows the floor to be easily uplifted at the end of its initial life and to be returned for resurfacing with a new printed design. Effectively making it as good as new and giving the floor a second (or third) life. It’s a unique way to extend its usefulness and to reduce the carbon footprint.


Print Cork is part of the family of cork hybrids which combine cork with other natural materials to create smart new products. These include cork + wood, cork + lino, cork + ceramic, cork + stone and cork + rubber. There’s a world of design possibilities.


Living Well

One of the characteristics of cork is its ability to spring back to shape after it's been compressed, that’s why you can’t get a champagne stopper back in the bottle after it’s been popped. This natural springiness gives cork great durability (it’s suitable for the busiest of commercial spaces) and commercial-grade slip and fire resistance.


The unique structure of cork also helps to create a quiet, healthy environment so it’s a great product to live with. 


All of the traditional, inherent benefits of cork, repackaged with leading-edge design and production technology, that’s Print Cork.

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