What Is Biophilic Design?

The term Biophilic Design is an architectural concept that promotes the resident’s connectivity to nature. It is derived from Biophilia. Biophilia means love of life. This architectural design is all about the love of life.



A lot of people think that Biophilic design is a modern concept. Now, the name Biophilic design might be a new one but the whole concept of improving the residents’ connectivity to nature has been there for centuries. The hanging gardens of Babylon are an example of Biophilic Design however the concept is thought to have originated many years before the gardens were grown.

Advantages Of Biophilic Design

The reason that Biophilic design is so popular is that it offers a lot of amazing benefits to the environment and the residents of the building. We live in the world where people are very keen about Eco-friendly products. The concept of biophilic design might be an old one but its importance has never been highlighted as it is in the modern world.

Let’s take a look at few advantages of Biophilic Design;

Hotel Guests Are Willing To Pay More

Studies have shown that guests are willing to pay more for rooms that have a view of biophilic designs out of their room. This also attracts eco-friendly guests.

Biophilic Hotels

Increases Workplace Productivity

Offices with biophilic design are known to increase productivity of the workers. It also reduced the absenteeism and boosts the health of employees.

Biophilic Workplace

Better Results At Educational Institutes

Studies have shown that training centres and educational institutes that have a biophilic architecture are known to produce better results. Students that learn at these educational institutes tend to learn with more enthusiasm and show relatively greater results.

Biophilic Education


You can add great value by adding biophilic elements to your house. The best things about biophilic elements are that they can be added to both internal and external parts of your house. External biophilic elements are bound to increase the value of your house and make it look good for the potential buyers. On the other hand internal biophilic elements tend to increase the environment inside the house. It makes the air cleaner and fresh. In addition to that the internal biophilic elements also increase the value of your property.

Biophilic Homes

Healthcare Benefits

Biophilic architecture does not just make your property look good but it also makes the environment healthy. In addition to making the air clean and fresh it is also very soothing to look at. Studies have shown that patients who are kept in a biophilic environment during the recovery period tend to recover quickly and more efficiently.

Biophilic Healthcare

Great For Retail Businesses

Retail businesses with biophilic settings tend to attract more customers. The workers are also more productive and enthusiastic in such settings. This can be great for boosting profitability of the business.

Biophilic design can affect different aspects of your life. It can improve your productivity at work and boost your overall mental and physical health. In o order to stay healthy, It is imperative that you try and add biophilic elements to your property.

Biophilic Retail Space