Sustainable Student Accommodation - Why it's a must in 2020

Generation Z, The generation born after 1996. A generation of future CEO's and Decision Makers. But for now, when we are creating Student Accommodation, we must look at their unique priorities and characteristics. Especially if we want to fill our student accommodation with the best tenants we can.

Technology is, of course, a given to this demographic. Having a reliable, and fast, internet speed is a must. But secondly, and perhaps, more importantly, this generation are a lot better educated when it comes to the issue of sustainability.

The environment is a passion for Generation Z and a passion that is acted upon. Generation Z and your potential student accommodation tenants WILL make decisions based solely upon the impact said decision has on the environment. But they also will expect you to offer an earth-friendly alternative.

Don't believe me?

Check out the UK Student Climate Network. (

UK Student Climate Network (UKSCN) is a group of mostly under 18s taking to the streets to protest the government’s lack of action on the Climate Crisis.
We are mobilising unprecedented numbers of students to create a strong movement and send a message that we are tired of being ignored.
Throughout 2019 we’ve organised over 850 demonstrations, including the September Global Climate Strike that saw over 300,000 people take to the streets across the UK.
We’ve raised the bar and elevated climate breakdown high on the agenda, but we know there’s still so much to do. We need urgent and ambitious action on climate which is why we’re calling for a Green New Deal. Join our next strike!

Generation Z care and they are prepared to pay more for a product that is sustainable. In fact, a whopping 72%** of Generation Z are prepared to spend money on goods or services that are sustainable.

So how does all this correlate to Student Accommodation?

When building and/or designing student accommodation we MUST factor in sustainability. Students will be more attracted to a building that is sustainable and you will increase your chances of filling your accommodation year in year out. Also, let's not forget, every new build is going to need to meet carbon-neutrality goals very soon so why not start now!

We have to start thinking sustainable, the generation to come is and if we don't act now, we are going to get left behind our competitors and overlooked by our customers.

If your building has plastic floors, consider changing them to a more natural floor. One created with castor oil perhaps instead of PVC?

If your building has a Bitumen backed carpet, why not consider all-natural undyed wool?

Not only do these choices put you ahead of the competitor down the road, but they give your brand a story. A story that resonates with Students and with Generation Z.

Get in touch with us if you are ready to make the change and want to know more.

** Figures quoted from Amber Energy ASK4 Report