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Liquid Lino | It's Lino but not as you know it

Naturally carbon negative, totally seamless and in a great range of colours. It's flooring for the 21st century.

Reducing embodied carbon in new build and retrofit construction projects is one of the most urgent and important challenges for everyone in the industry. In flooring, this requires a shift away from high-carbon materials like vinyl in favour of new sustainable flooring with a much lower carbon footprint. One of these innovations is Liquid Lino which reinvents a flooring category that hasn't changed much since it was invented in the 1850s.

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Carbon negative

Liquid Lino is based on biopolymer technology, made entirely from natural ingredients - vegetable oils, cork (by-product of the wine industry), limestone and natural colour pigments.

This gives it an inherent negative carbon footprint because the organic ingredients absorb (sequester) large amounts of CO2 as they grow through photosynthesis. Cork, in particular, absorbs up to 73 times its own weight in carbon. It's a natural carbon sponge.


Traditional lino is manufactured, transported and installed in rolls in the same way it was 170 years ago. Rolls are cumbersome to handle and heavy to transport. And, when they're installed, the joints are a weak point - most lino floor failures happen there - which becomes a source of potential infection.

Liquid Lino is delivered in tins, mixed on-site and applied as a liquid which cures quickly to a seamless finish that retains its flexibility. So large floor areas can be achieved without joins, limited only by any structural expansion gaps.

This makes for a clean-looking design and maintains the highest standards of hygiene too.

"So, it's carbon negative, super hard wearing in a unique range of design colours with a seamless finish. Where's the catch?"

Super durable

Liquid Lino is one the hardest-wearing flooring materials, rated as suitable for the very busiest of commercial environments with a life expectancy of 30 years and, if any areas do get damaged, they can be restored to their original finish through an invisible repair.


There are 50 organic colours in the palette from cool neutrals to vibrant statement colours and, subject to a minimum order, custom mixes can be made to a colour reference.

Tried & Tested

Liquid Lino is widely used throughout Europe and the USA in a diverse range of high-traffic commercial environments in hospitality, retail, education, healthcare, workplace and public spaces and now it's available in the UK too.

A pathway to Zero Carbon

Liquid Lino has a negative carbon footprint - every square metre reduces embodied carbon by around 7 kg. Traditional roll linoleum typically produces over 10 kg of CO2 in its manufacture, use and disposal. So switching to the modern sustainable alternative would save over 20,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year in the UK. And, if a transition away from other high carbon flooring was made, the reduction in construction embodied carbon would be 100,000s tonnes.

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