What is the Best Flooring for a Restaurant

What are the main factors when choosing a Restaurant Floor?

When opening or refurbishing a restaurant, design and practicality collide. All of your decisions must factor in both aesthetics so that you can drive the restaurant's image and make it an inviting place for customers. But it also must be practical and safe. You can't possibly have a glass floor that may get you 10,000 likes on Instagram, but it costs you £100,000 in compensation claims due to its slippy nature.

Best Flooring for a Restaurant

One of the first aspects that a restaurant must think about when choosing a floor for the front of house is that of cleanliness. Spills are almost unavoidable and so is customers traipsing in dirt from outside. Therefore a carpet is a no go for a restaurant in front of house. As a restauranteur, you must be looking at a floor that is both easy to clean for your staff and that doesn't hold odors and stains.

Hygiene Restaurant Floor

Another aspect of a restaurant floor is that of safety, the safety of both staff and customers is paramount in the commercial world and nothing is more unsafe than a slippy floor. Nobody wants to see your waiters slipping over with a tray full of mimosa's and nobody wants to have to catch a tray full of food on their laps. Therefore, we must look at a very high level of slip resistance when choosing a restaurant floor. In the UK we would suggest you look at a floor rated 36+ on the pendulum test.

Slip Resistant Restaurant Floor

Next up we have durability, as a restaurant owner, there is nothing more disruptive than having building work done. You simply can not be open for business during that time. Therefore a durable floor is a must. You are going to have both staff and customers walking on this floor daily for many hours, and a floor that isn't up to that task is a floor not worth having. However, remember not to over-spec your floor here. The likelihood is that the design of the floor will become outdated before the floor wears out. ( This is also a great way to save yourself a little cash)

Durable Restaurant Floor

Finally, we must look at the design aspect of the floor. All of the above may fit in with a quarry tile or a rubber floor but does that give you the 'Wow-Factor' or brand image you are trying to portray for your business? We must pick a floor type that allows you to be creative and echos the messages the restaurant is trying to portray to your customers.

Designer Restaurant Floor

So to summarise. Here are the 4 things we must look for when choosing a restaurant floor.

The best floor for a restaurant is, therefore, one which is hygienic, durable, safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Fortunately, there are many options that we can choose from here including some fantastically innovative products that use zero plastic and products that are anti-microbial and natural. Drop us a message below to have a chat about some innovative options or some traditional options that will tick all the above boxes.