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Perfect, organic addition to any interior space

Felt is one of the most traditional and natural of materials - it’s simply compressed wool - but Fraster takes this elemental medium and elevates it by applying precision cutting and stitching to allow the creation of unique, bespoke rugs, runners, acoustic panels and other interior products.

  • Allergy-friendly - absorbs micro-pollutants and naturally regulates air moisture

  • Has inherent sound absorption which improves room acoustics

  • Naturally fire-safe, antistatic and dirt resistant

  • Offers the ultimate designer toolkit


Fire Safety: Bfl-s1 : Very limited contribution to fire

Acoustic Performance: Up to 0.65 reduction (Class C)

Format: Rugs, runners, mats, acoustic panels and hangings

Country of Origin: Denmark

Fraster Felt Flooring
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Felt is composed 100% of compressed Merino Wool so iit could not be more sustainable or renewable. It is super hard-wearing and can last for decades and, at the end of life,  is biodegradable and recyclable.

Eco Accreditations: OEKO-TEX , contributor to LEED and BREEAM

End of Life: Biodegradable | Recyclable


First Planit

Fraster Felt has been independently assessed by First Planit, the UK's leading library of sustainable building materials. This gives a score for the Environmental, Social, Health & Monetary impacts of the product benchmarked against popular industry equivalents:

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