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The smart, carbon neutral alternative to rubber

BIO RUBBER is a revolution in rubber flooring. It’s applied as a liquid and sets to a perfect seamless finish that is tough enough for any commercial space. And, in contrast to synthetic rubber which is petroleum-based, BIO RUBBER is made from vegetable oil, natural pigments and post-consumer recycled content.

  • Red List Free so free of PVC, plasticiser and other potentially harmful chemicals

  • Totally seamless without joins in large commercial projects

  • Available in over 50 colours with custom colours possible

  • Up to 50% post-consumer recycled content

  • High-performance commercial flooring


Durability: Wear Class 34 : Suitable for very heavy-duty commercial applications

Slip Resistance: R9 as standard (PTV Wet : 28) | R11 (PTV Wet : 53) available to order

Fire Safety: Bfl-s1 : Very limited contribution to fire

Acoustic Performance: 8 dB reduction in transmitted sound

Installation Method: Poured

Format: Seamless

Country of Origin: The Netherlands

Ndurance Liquid Rubber
Download PDF • 450KB

FS Datasheet Ndurance Liquid Rubber
Download PDF • 76KB


Natural ingredients and recycled content make BIO RUBBER virtually carbon neutral. It’s one of the most sustainable options for high-traffic commercial projects.

Carbon Footprint (Global Warming Potential): 1.87 CO2 KG / M2 (Cradle to Grave) without offsetting

Eco Accreditations: EPD verified, Red List Free, Declare labelled, contributes to LEED & BREEAM

End of Life: Can be recycled into new material by Second Life Floors, our recycling partner

EPD Ndurance Liquid Rubber
Download PDF • 569KB

Declare Label Ndurance Bio Rubber
Download PDF • 275KB

First Planit

BIO RUBBER has been independently assessed by First Planit, the UK's leading library of sustainable building materials. This gives a score for the Environmental, Social, Health & Monetary impacts of the product benchmarked against popular industry equivalents:

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