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Poured Lino

We love it when we find a product innovation that totally redefines a flooring category. Corques Poured Lino manages to reinvent two categories simultaneously - linoleum and seamless resin.


Linoleum was invented over 170 years ago and its product construction and manufacturing process have largely remained unchanged since. It’s made from natural materials so it’s understandable that lino has built a reputation as a sustainable flooring solution which has led to a resurgence in its popularity in recent years.


Drawing on this heritage, Corques Poured Lino takes the essence of traditional linoleum and re-invents it with modern technology and knowledge.

Like its predecessor, Corques is a blend of natural materials - vegetable oils, cork (recycled from the wine industry), limestone and natural colour pigments but that’s where the similarity ends. It’s not factory produced and transported as cumbersome rolls halfway across Europe. With Poured Lino, the liquid components are mixed and poured on-site, clean and simple. 

Cleaner & greener

Corques Poured Lino delivers an evolution in sustainable flooring:

Environmental impact (global warming potential) around 40% lower than traditional lino.

Air quality: Fulfills the stringent German AgBB requirements and all other air quality standards

LEED and BREEAM certified

International Living Future Institute Red List Free: No VOCs, no PVC, no plasticizers, no formaldehyde, no chlorine, no heavy metals.

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Corques Poured Lino offers infinite design possibilities and colour freedom. There are more than 50 colours available as standard but, if you’re looking for something specific, Corques can be created to match a colour target (e.g. RAL reference). Either create a monolithic look or build a colour palette for zoning or wayfinding. 

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Look, no Joins!

Corques Poured Lino provides a totally seamless resilient floor covering, free of joins and welds. Over time, these can become weak points in a floor creating potential traps for moisture and infection. The seamless, impervious finish of Poured Lino looks great and eliminates the potential hygiene issues associated with a welded floor.


Corques Poured Lino also has excellent resistance to wear (it’s rated for Heavy Duty Commercial use) and to staining which keep maintenance costs to a minimum. This is also helped by the unique ‘self-healing’ properties of the surface that make small scratches disappear. And, if there is any damage, repairs are quick and easy and are almost invisible

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