Global Leader

If there’s one country that can claim to lead the global wood industry, it’s Russia. Around half of its total area is wooded, making it the largest national forest in the world - almost 70% larger than the rainforest in Brazil - and accounting for 20% of the world’s timber stocks.


This has led to a rich heritage of wood craftsmanship in the region. So, it’s not surprising that, over the past 20 years, a Russian company, Art Parquet, has established itself as the market leader in the creation and restoration of artistic marquetry flooring, block-wood parquet and decorative inlays and panels.


Global Leaders



The quality of hardwood from Russia is very highly rated for its durability and longevity. Trees in the region are slow-growing because of the subarctic climate which gives a very dense cellular structure. So, with the right care and attention, an Art Parquet floor will endure for decades.

Seen in all the best places

Art Parquet graces some of the most historically-significant palaces in Europe and many cultural, governmental, religious and heritage buildings; some of which we’re allowed to talk about - like the Kremlin Palace and the Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg - and some of which are very hush-hush.


But Art Parquet isn’t only suited to historic buildings. The company delivers over 1000 bespoke projects a year in premium hotels, corporate workplaces, high-end apartment developments and private residence with each floor created to a specific design brief, through a combination of craft and technology.


One of the biggest issues in the wood industry is a lack of transparency in the supply chain. With Art Parquet there is end-to-end visibility and accountability. Timber is sourced from company-owned forests (with an area larger than Greater Manchester) and standards of forestry stewardship and production are exemplary.


Unique Design

Art Parquet is the ultimate designer toolkit. There are almost no limits to what can be created, working hand-in-hand with our in-house team of wood experts - any design, on any scale, in any space. 


But, it’s not only about the highly intricate, there are many hundreds of designs and patterns that are more accessible to the typical commercial environment or residential space - chevrons, herringbones, inlays, panels. And there are solutions for walls and stairs


Art Parquet is a multiple international design award winner (like Wood Floor of the Year) so it’s the perfect backdrop to your next amazing design.


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