To change the antiquated world that is flooring. 

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We Work

We work differently to your usual flooring company. See how and why below. 

With You

Get ahead of your competitors

Today you took another step to success


Our Network and team are unrivalled and cover the globe. From London to Hong Kong.

Why We
Are Different

We operate with sustainability in mind. From the product to the way we do business. 

What We

We source flooring materials from specialist producers from around the world

Get ahead of your competitors

Today you took another step to success

'Closer to What

You Want'

The world of flooring is built by brands. Brands that push the message of their products and, perhaps rightly so, hide the negative aspects. 

This leads to a world where products are often forced into a specification based on false pretences or you are forced to put a product into a project because ' It is the closest thing to what you actually wanted'

Our Mission at Floorsauce is to get you closer to what it is that you actually want. 

If you want sustainable you get sustainable. Not something LESS BAD for the environment that the plastic that you may have used before.


If you want Biophilic then you get a natural product that promotes health and wellness and gives you a connection with nature. You don't get a plastic that looks like a natural product


Our Mission is to bring you the facts of a product and a product that is what you want.  


How We Work With You

We work with you to source you the flooring product that you want. 

Our team of experts around the world are always finding the most innovative flooring products for your project. 

You tell us what it is you want and we provide you with it. 

No catalogs. No off the shelf products. No squeezing a product into a brief to make it fit. 

Tell us what it is you want to achieve and we will show you how to achieve it. 

Often we will hear an architect or designer say to us ' I want to achieve this but is there a product that can do that'

The answer is most often yes. 

Our Network

Our network and team are unrivaled. We work alongside leading flooring innovators, we work with field-specific experts and chemists and we want to work with you. 

From Hong Kong to New York, we have a network of people working to find that product that you may not know exists but fits your project perfectly. 

Our network is constantly expanding as new products are created and architects and designers shift towards a new priority. 

We are led by you the architect and you the designer.


You are the pilots of our journey. We go where you tell us. 

Why are we


Everything we do at Floorsauce is done with sustainability in mind. From the product to our client meetings.

Sustainability is and should be at the forefront of everything we do as a human race. Therefore, we will always show you a more sustainable product for your needs. 

Rest assured that this is in no way detrimental to other priorities for your project. 

A flooring product that is as durable as LVT but sustainable? Sure, no problem.

We also as a company have no brand bias, you will not see a company logo or a sponsored product anywhere with Floorsauce. Why?

Because, we decide which products are best for you, based on Facts. Facts about the product materials, manufacturing process, and product in its entirety. 

If you see us talking about a product, it's because our impartial experts think its a very good product. 

What we do

We source flooring materials from the most innovative of manufacturers from around the world. 

We want to offer designers and architects the solution to the problem that they have. Be that finding a sustainable yet durable product. or a bespoke 15m long wood plank design. 

We are always sourcing products, always looking for the latest innovation, and always listening to you. We want to hear what it is you are looking for?