Setting a new standard

Innovative is an overused word. In reality, most “innovative” products are a variation of what’s gone before but Mineral Floor really lives up to the name. Its ground-breaking multilayer construction is built around a patented stone composite core which delivers unrivalled performance in commercial environments.


Mineral Floor offers great design flexibility thanks to its cutting-edge digital printing technology. This not only offers the highest-fidelity aesthetic finish but also enables the creation of custom designs.


But, it’s the outstanding environmental credentials of Mineral Floor that we are the most excited about.

Mineral Floor is a great alternative to traditional flooring types - harder wearing than wood, quicker and cleaner to install than stone and ceramic (glue-free) and more environmentally friendly than vinyl.

Second Life

We evaluate products in a number of ways. One of these is to benchmark against the International Living Future’s Red List of potentially harmful chemicals. Lots of flooring products claiming to be sustainable fail this basic test because they contain PVC or other Red List chemicals.

In contrast, Mineral Floor is a natural, 100% organic combination of cement, minerals and natural bonding fibres. The unique make-up of the product also delivers other important environmental advantages:

Mineral Floor benefits from Second Life - a unique takeback and reuse programme - which enables the floor to be returned and re-surfaced and his process can happen three times, giving it a new and much-extended life. 

And, at the end of its extended life, Mineral Floor can be disassembled and is 100% recyclable - so it fits with the concept of The Circular Economy.

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Mineral Floor is a tried and tested commercial flooring solution. It’s been widely used across Europe and the USA by forward-thinking brands like Google and Huawei and in busy hotels, restaurants, shops, offices, public spaces and airports.


Floors don't get 

tougher than this

Commercial clients like these can testify that Mineral Floor also delivers unrivalled performance: 

  • The highest level of fire resistance (A rated)

  • 100% dimensionally-stable floor which will never expand, delaminate or curl so up to 1000m² can be laid without expansion joints.

  • Suited to heavy-duty commercial use (Class 33)

  • Fast-track installation which can be carried out without ‘wet trades’ by a joiner or fitter

  • Inbuilt sound absorption (19 dB reduction in transmitted sound) without any additional underlay or treatments

We spend a lot of time looking at flooring types and we haven’t found anything that matches the all-round performance of Mineral Floor in terms of sustainability, performance and design flexibility.

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