Original Thinking

We spend a lot of our time at Floorsauce looking at and thinking about floors. And, frankly speaking, we see a lot of sameness. Most flooring companies opt for the safety of the mainstream and of what has worked for them in the past. So, we seek out producers with an independent spirit and a commitment to design.


So, we were very excited when we came across Pangea. Made in Perugia, it takes the rich heritage of local craftsmanship and reinterprets it in a totally contemporary way, embracing the best traditions of Italian design. It’s redolent of Armani on the floor.

Whilst many wooden floors are a neutral backdrop to other design elements, Pangea demands attention and gets itself noticed. It is a part of a collection that graces high profile buildings across the world in hospitality, residential and public spaces.

Made by designers, for designers.

Pangea is a wood floor with a design difference. The collection is built around a unique skinny plank format. It’s a distinctive look which projects quality and character with reference to its foundation in Italian fashion and design. 

The design concept is built around multiple patterns - including skinny herringbone - in a range of contemporary colours which enables subtle zoning and way-finding within an integral design.

Like the best of Italian fashion, it’s cool and understated in a completely distinctive way.


In contrast to much of the wood flooring on the market, the origins and provenance of Pangea are self-evident. The timber is sourced locally and processed in-house by the team of craftsmen and, as further reassurance, Pangea is FSC certified.


Proudly Italian

Perugia, in rural Umbria, has a proud history of art and culture. This is evident in regional handicrafts and its architecture. Pangea draws on these local traditions. It is not produced by machines on an industrial scale like most wooden floors. It’s made by craftsmen, using skills that have been refined over generations. This gives a character and authenticity to the finished product. 


So, if you’re looking for a floor that exudes history and is yet is entirely modern, you’re in the right place.





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