Nature meets High tech

We make no secret of our love for cork. It’s the only flooring material that we know of with a negative carbon footprint so using more cork in construction automatically gets us closer to Zero Carbon.


In the past, there have been questions about whether cork floors could meet the demands of high-traffic commercial environments. Engineered Cork is the perfect answer.


It’s heavy-duty flooring (with a 10-year warranty to prove it) with great fire and slip resistance. It has amazing sound absorption both transmitted and reflected and fast-track, click installation so up to 300m2 can be rapidly fitted without transitions.

This is derived from the innovative multi-layer construction of Engineered Cork which is built around a high-performance solid cork core sandwiched between engineered cork layers. The design layer is also cork which (on some products) is printed using ground-breaking digital printing. And it’s 100% waterproof.




Ultimate sustainability

We all know the impact of the Amazon rainforest on the global climate but there’s a forest which is closer to home that also very important. The Montado (the cork forest in Southern Europe) absorbs around 30 million tonnes of carbon per year which is one of the reasons why it is a Unesco World Heritage site.


The bark of the cork tree is harvested on a cyclical basis and, as the bark regrows, more carbon is absorbed so a managed forest is more beneficial for the environment. The tree continues to grow to maturity over 200 years which makes cork the ultimate renewable resource.


Cork has been widely used as a flooring material for centuries throughout Europe - it’s the floor in La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, for example. Traditionally this has been a simple, glue-down construction. In recent years, cork has been reinvented as a high-tech material in aerospace, automotive and construction.


Great to live with

The benefits of cork extend way beyond the environmental. Its unique cellular structure contains around 40 million air pockets per cubic centimetre which gives cork its inherent elastic properties and:


It’s a natural insulant so is warm underfoot.

It’s naturally hypoallergenic and anti-microbial.

It’s comfortable to walk and stand on for extended periods.

It’s free of any emissions so delivers clean indoor air quality.

It’s 100% organic so is naturally biophilic.

And, it’s recyclable and re-useable.


Maybe we’re a little biased but we consider cork to be a bit of a wonder product which is a cleaner, greener alternative to synthetic flooring.

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