A Natural Alternative

One of our goals at Floorsauce is to find alternatives to widely used synthetic flooring types. One of these is ‘designer vinyl’ like Amtico, Karndean and others. PVC materials like these have a high global warming impact and are included in the Red List of materials known to pose risks to human health and the greater ecosystem. 

Designer Cork has all of the environmental benefits of cork and, at the same time, delivers design flexibility enabling the creation of patterns and designs - from simple to intricate - in combinations of colours in natural dyes, enhancing the natural, organic characteristics of the cork.

The bark of the Cork oak absorbs carbon dioxide as it grows and when the bark is harvested, every nine years, the carbon is captured. So, in contrast to many construction materials, using cork reduces a building’s carbon footprint. And, the cork trees continue to grow for hundreds of years, forming an ecosystem of international significance.





You’re in design control

The design flexibility of Designer Cork is extensive. With around 40 colours, 34 standard sizes and 27 pre-configured patterns there are thousands of possible combinations. The colour palette is vibrant and because the stains are water-based, the natural, organic grain of cork shines through.


And, if these options don’t meet your design brief, there’s a Bespoke Design service which enables the creation of specific colours (to a colour reference) and of custom sizes. We spend a lot of time looking at floors and we haven’t found anything that matches Designer Cork as a creative material. 


Cork has characteristics that are great for flooring: it’s light in weight, has great acoustic properties, has natural cushioning and is warm underfoot. And cork is naturally anti-microbial, hypoallergenic and is free of any emissions so delivers clean indoor air quality.


It’s tougher than you think

The lightness and pliability of cork can be misleading. It is very well suited to interior applications - floors, walls, ceilings - and is tough enough to be deployed as an external cladding, thanks to its inherent weather resistance.


As a flooring material, cork can be surprisingly hard wearing, areas of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona were fitted with a cork floor a number of years ago which cope well with the 4.5 million visitors a year to the cathedral. It’s probably the ultimate test of durability.


At a time when it’s never been more important to make considered choices of construction materials, maybe it’s time to take a look at Designer Cork.


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