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Cultural Cocktail

Danish Design is internationally recognised. A simplicity and confidence of style in architecture, interiors and furniture is allied with integrity and quality of production. And Denmark has a proud history as a trading nation, open to new ideas and influences and has built strong relationships with many of its neighbours including the UK.

This is the background to a collaboration between an innovative Danish carpet producer and Sebastian Wrong, the UK-based designer. Sebastian is an award-winning creator of lighting, furniture and accessories. The result is the Designer Carpet, a colourful and imaginative carpet tile concept with design freedom and originality at its heart.




The distinctiveness of the collection has been recognised in multiple design awards in Europe including the Interior Innovation Awards - where it was chosen as the Best of the Best - the Iconic Awards and the German Design Awards and it has been used in numerous commercial projects in offices, hotels and public spaces.

Creativity meets technology

The foundations of the design concept are advanced printing technology that facilitates a potential palette of over 65,000 colours - which allowed Sebastian to create five distinct colour families - and the pioneering use of high-precision laser carpet cutting that enables the interlocking shapes  - geometric and organic - that differentiate the collection from mainstream carpet ranges.


As Sebastian Wrong explains, “This gives us the possibility to really play with colour, form and pattern in synchronised harmony. This tile collection offers the customer the opportunity to tailor a floor into endless possibilities subject to their needs... flexibility, creativity and opportunity.‘

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Indoor health is becoming a more important consideration in the choice of materials. Some flooring materials can negatively impact air quality through emissions (VOCs) and fine dust. In contrast, Designer Carpet has been proved to improve indoor air quality and is approved as allergy-friendly. And it has great acoustic properties too

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Sustainability matters

Denmark has been ranked as the Greenest Country in the World. So, as you would expect, Designer Carpet strives for the highest standards of environmental performance:

  • The backing is made of 60% recycled material 

  • It is free of PVC, bitumen and any materials that are designated as potentially harmful (Red List)

  • It’s produced using CO2 neutral energy sources (wind & steam)

  • It has been assessed using C2C (Cradle to Cradle) and EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) methodologies


These factors make the SW Collection more sustainable than 99% of the carpets sold in the UK and there’s no compromise in design integrity either.



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