Doing things right

There are times when only ‘right’ will do - perfectly tailored clothing for an important occasion, a slowly prepared meal for a group of close friends - compromising on ingredients or materials or cutting corners in preparation affect the quality of the end result. It’s all in the details.


In architecture and design, there are those special projects where it’s important to do things properly, where every element of the interior scheme needs to be carefully considered because they all contribute to the design story.


Custom Wool is the ideal roll and rugs carpet solution for those special projects. It’s the ultimate designer toolkit.




The clever technology that supports this design flexibility is Colortec. It’s the most versatile process in carpet tufting - each tuft can be individually sewn with any of the colours in use. So, rolls or rugs can be produced in virtually any pattern imaginable. It’s a significant advance on traditional carpet production methods.

Design Led

Clever technology can’t achieve very much on its own. The real power derives from the collaboration between you, the designer, and our in-house experts. They will take your concept design and will translate this into a workable pattern for production.

Then, from sample production, quantification, planning and production, we’ll coordinate the process. And, we’ll take care of installation too - the carpet is factory-cut into pieces of optimum size and shape to make this trouble-free.


Traditional manufacturing processes are suited to the production of traditional carpet designs but the flexibility of Colortec technology supports any interior style from the traditional to the boldly contemporary.


Sustainability drives every aspect of Custom Wool. Fibres are 80% wool with 20% polyamide (the ideal mix for heavy-duty commercial areas), the felt backing is 80% recycled content, production is powered by renewable energy sources. Even the packaging is 100% recycled.


Seen in the best places

The design, sustainability and durability of Custom Wool mean it’s ideally suited to prestigious, front-of-house areas. The client list reads like a Who’s Who of the Hospitality industry in Europe, Asia and the USA.


This includes hotels (internationally recognised chains, boutique operators and exclusive spas), casinos, cinemas, restaurants, public areas and some of the world’s most prestigious cruise ships.


So, the next time you’re working on a project that needs to be done right, you know where to come.

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