New kid on the wood block

It’s been around 80 years since the first patent for the multi-layer engineered wood construction was granted in Sweden. This led to a revolution in the use of wood as a commercial flooring material but production processes and technology have remained largely unchanged since then.


That’s about to change. Cured Wood is a new, patented technology, also from Sweden, which promises to be the next revolution in wood flooring. Stronger, lighter and more stable than its predecessor, Cured Wood is ideally suited to high-traffic commercial spaces. And, we think that it’s the sustainable, natural alternative to wood-effect vinyl tile.

The heart of Cured Wood is WooduraⓇ, an innovative material which penetrates and reinforces the natural wooden surface. The result is a top layer that is several times stronger and harder than normal wooden floors, without any alteration in the natural look or feel.




Less is more

The drive for Net Zero Carbon in construction is driving change across the industry. There’s increasing use of wood as a building material. It absorbs carbon as it grows and it’s estimated that each cubic metre of wood stores 1 tonne of CO2. But it can take 150 years for an oak tree to fully mature.

The innovative production process of Cured Wood uses around 10% of the wood of standard engineered wood and even the sawdust is utilised in the WooduraⓇ core layer. So, nothing goes to waste. This makes Cured Wood the most environmentally friendly in its class.


The timber for the cured wooden floors comes from forests in Croatia that have been managed and cared for in a sustainable manner based on a very strict ecological, social and economic framework. 


Tough enough to cope

In the past 10 years, there has been a steady growth in the use of wood-look vinyl in commercial projects but we’ve heard from designers that they would prefer to use real wood but often this isn’t up to the task.


Cured Wood is engineered to perform in the busiest of commercial environments:


  • Suitable for heavy-duty commercial (Class 33)

  • Excellent Fire Resistance (Bfl-s1 Very limited contribution to fire)

  • 3 x harder than natural wood 

  • Dimensionally stable across large areas

  • Large plank size (circa 280 mm x 2400 mm) with reduced thickness (11 mm)


We think that Cured Wood could be a game-changer in commercial flooring


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