Cork Flooring in Bathroms


5 Reasons why you should have Cork Flooring in your Bathroom

In this article, we will show you 5 reasons why you should consider having cork flooring in your bathroom. As always, Floorsauce comes from a place of zero bias and brand affiliation. If you have worked with us before you will know that we 'sauce' the best product from around the world for your project and goals. So let's go ahead and talk about Cork Flooring in the Bathroom.


1. Cork Floors have a natural warmth


Have you ever stepped out of the shower onto a cold ceramic tile? The warmth that you just had from that hot shower, instantly zapped from your body. Disappointment encapsulates your entire being. Well, maybe that was a little dramatic but you get our point. Fear no more, with a cork floor in your bathroom the natural thermal properties that cork possesses will mean that you have a warmer underfoot feel in those colder winter months. The natural honeycomb structure of the cork traps the heat into the material and allows the floor to stay warmer for longer. 

No more shocks when you walk into the bathroom barefoot at 6 am and are faced with the impending doom of a freezing cold floor. The cork floor says 'welcome to a new day' rather than 'wake up right now' like a ceramic. 

2. Cork is the nemesis of Mold and Mildew

Bathrooms are humid and there is often moisture in the air. This is usually a breeding ground for mold, mildew and any other bacteria that fancies its chances. 

However, However, cork poses a serious challenge to mold growth because of its near impermeability. Cork has thousands upon thousands of tiny cells of a gas called Suberin. Suberin protects the Cork from ANY instructions, be this physical or biological. MEaning that any bacteria that try to get into the cork is blocked by the Suberin. This is why cork has been used in wine bottles for all this time. 

This also means that your cork bathroom floor will be hypo-allergenic as it is anti-microbial, this is great for any asthma or allergy sufferers in your home.  

3. Cork is Water Resistant

Corks' natural honeycomb structure and impermeability also mean that it is entirely water-resistant. Now we arent saying overflow your bath, water your floors with a watering can and run a slip and slide through your bathroom. However, the suberin present in cork acts much like it does with bacteria and resists the water. 

With a polyurethane coating and wiping any spills up within a good time, your cork floor will be just fine in your bathroom when it comes to water. 

Proper Installation, Proper Preparation and Proper Care. 


These three things will mean you have no issues when it comes to water and your cork floor in your bathroom.  


You can read all about Corks Sustainability in our Cork Flooring Article but here is a little overview. 

The process of stripping the bark away from the tree does not harm the tree in any way. The tree lives on and cannot be harvested then for another 9 to 12 years as the bark regenerates. This makes Cork one of nature's most sustainable sources and also why it makes Cork one of Floorsauce's favorite materials when the project goal is sustainability. 

Therefore, your bathroom floor can be a product where the source is still a living tree. 

It doesn't get much more eco-friendly than that. 

5. Design

This is no longer 1981. Cork floor does not need to look like cork floor, it most certainly can if you want it too. There are of course some fantastic pure cork products on the market. However, you can also now get any colour or size cork flooring you like whilst still getting all the benefits from cork that we discussed. 

With over 250 colour options you can colour match to your bathroom suite or paint colour. 

You can also have any size tile or style, from herringbone to mosaic. 

Cork flooring can also come with an added layer of PVC on top to make it fully waterproof. However, we think this can defeat the sustainability purpose of a cork floor. 

Let us Sauce

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Tell us and we will help you achieve it. 

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