Upcycling in Reality

We’re all aware of the use of cork for wine stoppers but may not be aware that there is a community of producers that upcycle production waste from the wine industry to create innovative, 2nd generation products like Cork Mosaic.

As the name would suggest, Cork Mosaic, is made from small pieces arranged in a uniform pattern. Only in this case, the ‘tiles’ are made from recycled wine corks which retain all the organic character of the original material. The result is a floor which is highly individual and that acts as a unique focal point within an interior design scheme.

One of cork’s amazing qualities is its ability to absorb and store carbon - sequestration - up to 18 tonnes per tonne of cork. This happens naturally as the cork bark grows and is harvested throughout the life of the tree. So, using cork in any form, makes a contribution to reducing the carbon impact of a building - either new build or retrofit.

More than skin deep

The honeycomb cellular structure of cork naturally creates microscopic air pockets and bestows it with characteristics that make it ideal for use in interiors:

  • Great sound insulation

  • Warm underfoot

  • Naturally fire retardant

  • Antimicrobial

  • Inherently slip resistant

And it feels and looks natural so makes a positive contribution to wellbeing and design integrity.

cork mosaic 06.jpg

Cork Mosaic is made in Europe from recycled wine stoppers, a byproduct of the wine cork industry, using a patented process. These are carefully sliced, sanded and assembled into sheets (with around 1400 pieces per m2) and stained in a custom colour or arranged in a pattern. This is a labour intensive process, carried out by hand in a community workshop. 


Flexible in every way

Cork Mosaic is fitted in a similar way to a ceramic tile and is grouted (in complementary or contrasting colour) and sealed with a water-based lacquer. Once this is done the product is watertight and can be installed in any indoor, outdoor or wet area including bathrooms, showers and wetrooms, and for floors, walls, surfaces and pillars.

The use of cork as a surface material and mosaic tiling date back to Ancient Greece and Rome. Cork Mosaic draws on this rich heritage and mixes it with modern technology. The result is a unique material that brings nature and innovation together.


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