An old Friend

Everyone knows Felt. It’s familiar to us from childhood in toys or crafting fabrics. It’s one of the oldest materials of all, dating back some 2500 years. It’s also one of the simplest and purest - made from compressed Merino Wool.

What we may not fully appreciate are the inherent properties that Felt possesses that make it ideal for flooring and other interior applications.

Hard-wearing. Can last for decades in the busiest of environments.
Noise-reducing. Great at absorbing sound.
Allergy-friendly. Naturally regulates humidity and absorbs microparticles.
Resistant to fire. Difficult to ignite and naturally self-extinguishing.
Anti-static. Naturally dissipative.
Water repellent. Shrugs off spills.





Felt is uniquely sustainable. It’s made from 100% Merino Wool so is renewable and fully biodegradable. It is produced by Europe’s oldest felting factory using traditional methods - carding, steaming, compressing, dying and shearing. It could be the most natural of interior materials.

A design Medium

The raw felt is dyed in a range of organic, natural colours - there are more than 30 in the design palette - which is the foundation for design development. Felt can be cut with a very clean, fray-resistant edge or surface stitched. This opens up a number of design options:


Intarsia. Blocks of colour are assembled like a large jigsaw puzzle to create a highly individual design.

Stencil. Shapes are cut and removed to create a reverse pattern allowing light or background to show through.

Stitching. Applying a stitched pattern adds a different design dimension.


The production process combines digital cutting and sewing technology with traditional handmaking to create the perfect finished product.

ISS -5a.png

The incorporation of wholly natural materials like Felt in commercial interiors can be very beneficial. Biophilic design - the introduction of natural elements - has proven positive effects on productivity and well-being and the use of Felt also reduces reflected and transmitted noise and has a positive effect on indoor air quality


Beautiful Performer

Felt isn’t suitable for carpeting, in broadloom or tiles, but does lend itself to a wide range of other applications that bring the acoustic, design, wellbeing and biophilic benefits of Felt into commercial  interiors. 


Rugs, mats & runners. Select from an extensive library of designs or create something unique and personal. 

Screens & dividers. Available as hanging or freestanding formats.

Acoustic panels. Sound absorbing wall your design.

Design feature. Custom made to your artwork.


Items are made to order to your requirements either from the design library (there are loads of patterns to choose from) or your own design brief. 


It’s time to get creative with felt.



Simply fill in the form and one of our experts will be in touch to discuss your project requirements and to help you make your design vision a reality.