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Clever Combination


We love crossover flooring products which combine the benefits of one material with the advantages of another. So we were super excited when we found Ceramic Cork - part cork and part ceramic - an innovative hybrid which is greater than the sum of its parts.


Many have found that living with a ceramic floor has its issues. Porcelain tiles are hard-wearing, easy to maintain and offer a wide range of styles but they’re also cold and unforgiving and can be really noisy, especially in open-plan spaces. And tile installation is a time-consuming and costly process.

It's ceramic on top (in any shape and design) and cork on the bottom which delivers excellent sound absorption (14dB reduction in transmitted sound) without any additional and expensive underlays and is noticeably warmer underfoot. And the cork acts as a natural cushion reducing the risk of cracking tiles (and broken china) and improving walking comfort.

Fitter, Faster, Smarter

But the really clever thing about Ceramic Cork is its unique, patented installation process. The tile’s own weight, in combination with the cork backing that fits onto the surface, fixes the ceramic element precisely and permanently – and the tile stays immobile. This revolutionises the traditional tile fitting methods and delivers significant benefits:

  • Up to 8 times faster than conventional fitting and time is money.​

  • Fitted without cement or adhesive so no mess, dirt or dust

  • Tiles are perfectly positioned without the need for spacers

  • Floors can be walked on immediately after installation

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Porcelain tiles can literally last a lifetime but, in many cases, floors are prematurely ripped up or covered over so the larger part of the energy and materials employed in the production and supply chain is wasted. We don’t like waste at Floorsauce and we’re advocates for recycling and re-use so we were delighted when we realised that DryTile can be easily lifted (there’s no glue, remember) without any damage to tile or floor.

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Reuse and Renew

This opens up a world of possibilities from temporary floors to the redeployment of tiles that have served their initial purpose. And any damaged tiles can be really easily replaced. It’s a new way of thinking about flooring.
Awards & Certificates
Green Product Award Winner 2020
Best of Sustainability @ International Surface Event
Declare label certified (International Living Futures Institute)
Red List Free
Recycled wine corks and cork waste

And, in a world where end-of-life scenarios are an important consideration in material specification, a reusable product is attracting lots of interest.


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