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Born in Mongolia

A chance encounter between a carpet maker and a Mongolian goat herder was the start of the journey. It transpired that cashmere goat wool was perfectly suited to carpet production and, some years later, this led to the development of a new flooring type - Cashmere Goat Carpet. 


This unique carpet combines distinctive looks and commercial performance with a unique story of sustainability - made from responsibly sourced, renewable materials in an environmentally friendly production facility.

Historically, the fine fibres of the goat’s underbelly were used for cashmere clothing but the rest of wool didn’t have a market. By pioneering its use in carpet production, this by-product has become a valuable commodity turning it into a revenue stream supporting thousands of family smallholdings in Mongolia.




It's all in the fibres. 

Life is tough in Mongolia. Temperatures fluctuate from -40oC to +30oC which give cashmere goat hair unique properties in comparison to wool from sheep or European goats:

  • The fibres are longer and tougher so are super hard-wearing

  • Its dense construction has excellent acoustic and thermal insulation

  • It can be dyed without bleaching to create a great range of organic colours 

  • A microscopic layer of fat makes it inherently dirt-resistant

  • It absorbs particulates and contributes to indoor air quality

  • It’s naturally antistatic


Cashmere Carpet is perfectly suited to residential use but is tough enough to cope in busy commercial environments in education (including nurseries), workplace, hospitality, public spaces, health & care and, because of its environmental benefits, has been used by many enlightened companies including Google and SAP.


Distinctive design

The inherent characteristics of cashmere wool are the basis for the product construction. This allows a distinctive ribbed pattern and a palette of 40 vibrant colours, through the use of organic dyes.


It is available in a wide range of formats to suit the space including rolls, square tiles, planks, area rugs, runners, stair treads and skirting boards


These variations of texture, colour and shape are the building blocks for statement designs. We’re looking forward to seeing the results!


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