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The strong silent type

We’re always interested when we find a product that sits between the standard flooring categories because these non-conformists create differentiation and broaden design choice. Finett Needled Carpet is one of those crossover products - an intriguing mix of soft and hard.

It’s a carpet but isn’t soft.
With all the design flexibility of vinyl tile.
It’s very light in weight but it’s great on sound. 
It’s hard-wearing like safety floor but doesn’t look industrial.
It’s water and stain resistant so can go in places where carpet normally can’t.

We think that Finett is a high-performance and sustainable alternative to plastic flooring products like vinyl and synthetic rubber.

Around 90 million square metres of Finett has been installed around the world that’s enough to cover every floor in The Shard around 30 times over. It’s tried and tested in high-traffic, high profile environments including workplace, retail, education, hospitality, health and public spaces.




A commitment to sustainability

Finett is made from renewable raw materials and recycled content. The top layer is a castor oil-based polyamide and the backing is 100% recycled fibres. This isn’t just better for the environment, it’s good for health and allergies too which is why it’s been awarded Cradle to Cradle material health certification

The company has a long-term commitment to sustainable operations. In 2008, it was the first in the world to be awarded the Blue Angel eco-label for the entire product family and, in 2013, committed to the use of renewable raw materials rather than oil-derived nylon. 

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Finett is a long-life floor. It will typically last 20 years of heavy use and, because it’s fitted on a tackifier (rather than permanent glue-down) it can be easily removed and reused or recycled.

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Design leader

Every square metre of Finett contains around 17 million fibres. That gives huge scope for mixing colours and the design team have used to good effect to create a range of 220 subtle, organic shades. And there’s the option to produce bespoke colours too.


Finett comes in sheet form for large commercial areas and can be factory-cut into multiple shapes - tiles, planks, hexagon, geometrics and bespoke designs and logos - which gives you the control to use the floor as a design medium, mixing colour and shape for dramatic effect.


It will come as no surprise that Finett has been recognised in multiple design awards including the prestigious Red Dot design competition and international AIT Architecture & Design Awards.

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