Inspired by Nature

The benefits of biophilic design - bringing natural elements into interior spaces - are becoming more widely understood. Measurable improvements in productivity and wellbeing have been demonstrated in the workplace, healthcare, education, hospitality and living spaces. 


Creating a biophilic design means more than adding a few plants and pictures of mountains around the place. The use of natural materials, textures, colours and patterns is core to the concept and this is especially important in the choice of flooring.


Biophilic Carpet was conceived with nature at its core. The tonal colour palette is designed to be mixed in a random fashion making it the most organic-looking carpet tile that we have seen

It not only looks organic but it also delivers on another key aspect of biophilic design - indoor air quality. It meets the most stringent international standards for VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and fine dust and is GUI certified as allergy-friendly.





Organic design concept

Biophilic Carpet is built around a unique carpet tile design concept. The four distinct and complementary colour palettes are drawn directly from natural inspirations - Stone, Erosion, MIcro and Broad Lines. Each of these is available in a range of sizes and shapes that can be mixed in a random (non-linear) way, like a large-scale, 2-d Lego kit.


This gives the freedom to create individualised designs from the simple monochromatic to something more stochastic and organic. It’s the ultimate flooring design toolbox. This flexibility has been recognised in multiple design and innovation awards including the internationally recognised Red Dot Award.

workland 2.jpeg

It is produced in one of the most advanced carpet production facilities in Europe. This has pioneered the application of technology - like digital printing and laser cutting - and the progressive greening of the production process which included switching to 100% wind-generated energy in 2016.

intal 2.png

We've got your back

This commitment to sustainability and carbon reduction also drives product development. The majority of carpet tiles sold in the UK are backed with bitumen compounds or PVC with all of the associated impacts on the environment.


Biophilic Carpet is backed with a special TEXtiles® backing which delivers clear environmental advantages:

  • Produced using more than 90% of recycled materials

  • 100% free of bitumen, PVC, latex and other designated substances

  • Produced using CO2 neutral energy (steam) and 100% wind energy

  • Permanently antistatic and odour-neutral.


This helps to give it a reduced carbon footprint. So, Biophilic Carpet not only looks natural but makes a positive contribution to the drive for decarbonisation too.


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