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Sustainable Flooring for Residential Projects

One of the challenges for interior designers, like you, with a commitment to sustainability is to combine integrity of materials with design excellence. It's easy to identify the 'worst in class' materials that should not be used - in flooring that includes vinyl, synthetic rubber and oil-based carpet fibres like nylon and polypropylene - but that leaves a fairly limited design palette .

We have made it our mission to source innovative flooring which addresses the requirement for carbon reduction and healthier homes and which broaden your design palette. And, because these products are tried and tested in commercial projects, they are perfectly suited to the very busiest of families.

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Liquid Lino

Cashmere Fibre Carpet

pure cork

Pure Cork

bio rubber 01.jpg

Bio Rubber

Recycled Woven 05.jpeg

Recycled Woven

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Hardened Wood

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Bio Concrete


Bio Terrazzo

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Cashmere Rugs

print cork 01.jpg

Fibre Floor

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Felt Rugs

Your in-house flooring expert

Every client has their own needs so each project has its specific challenges. There are scores of detailed design decisions that need to be taken and hundreds of potential material options to consider. 

We've spent more than five years researching and evaluating flooring materials for their design, performance and sustainability.  And, have incorporated the most innovative and interesting of these into our portfolio. We are aiming to bring something extra to your design palette without any compromise in your principles of sustainability.

Our singular goal is to help you to get as close as possible to the ideal flooring product for your project, we're like an extension of your own design team.

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Healthy Homes

Start your journey to Healthier Homes by downloading our Flooring Guide.

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