Keeping things transparent

All wood floors are natural but some are more natural than others. And some are definitely more sustainable. Many wooden floors are mass-produced on an industrial scale in Asian OEM factories with final finishing in Europe. This clouds the true supply chain and has led to issues around illegal logging and the use of potentially toxic chemicals in production.


We avoid these risks by dealing directly with specialist wood producers who control their process from forest to finished floor and who can guarantee product purity. And we don’t think that any product that exemplifies this in the same way as All-Natural Wood. 

This was the first hardwood floor to earn LPC (Living Product Challenge) certification - the most rigorous evaluation of the environmental impact of the end-to-end process from forestry stewardship, to the sourcing of renewable power and zero waste production. LPC is a platform for total project transparency in interior products.




Isn't all wood natural?

There are some crucial differences between the production of All-Natural Wood and many other wooden floors:


  • It’s only made with natural plant oils. No artificial lacquers or UV coatings are employed. These are often petroleum-based and form an artificial seal on the surface of the wood.

  • The wood is allowed to naturally air-dry rather than being accelerated through kiln-drying.

  • It’s made with a unique 3-layer symmetrical structure which is inherently stable and only requires a natural white glue in its assembly.


As a result, the surface of the wood is not plasticised and remains active - it can release and absorb moisture in the way that growing wood does and will ‘clean’ the air by absorbing micro-particulates.


The all-natural composition delivers tangible benefits for health and wellbeing. Indoor air quality is improved which is especially important to allergy sufferers. The unlacquered finish looks and feels in close contact with nature and epitomises the biophilic design concept and the maintenance of the floor is 100% chemical-free. 

Exceptional design

The production of All-Natural, from trunk to plank, takes place in Austria where every aspect of quality and finish is controlled.


The balance of the 3-layer construction allows unrivalled design flexibility. Planks are stable up to 5m in length and can be as thin as 10mm without any compromise in quality and longevity. The range of design options is enormous including herringbone, chevron, parquet panels, end grain and unique innovation designs and the range of accessories comprises matching walls and ceilings, curved wood and stair profiles.


But the most noticeable characteristic of it is the uniquely organic colour palette. The absence of synthetic treatments and colourings allow the natural beauty of the original material to shine through. It’s a visual manifestation of the purity of All-Natural Wood.


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